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Books on Health: Good or Bad?

With the amount of books going around in the world today, how are w to know which one is right, which one is wrong, and what one is best for us?? The reality is, we don’t know, and it is too hard to find out which ones are. In the current era we live in, […]

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It’s probably more known for its added flavour in coffee, cigarette and chewing gum, but cinnamon is also pretty good for your health. The ingredient is a small tree that grows in many places across the globe, especially in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, and Egypt. Historically, it is one of the oldest known […]

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While there are plenty of supplements people use to gain weight and muscle, there are also quite a few used to lose weight and shed off those excess kilo’s. One of those is Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut is a nutritional supplement manufactured and marketed by Iovate Health Sciences that is designed to help consumers lose weight. There […]

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Diving Day Seven - 13th FINA World Championships


The sport of Diving has existed for hundreds of years, dating back to early civilization where individuals used to jump off rock faces instead of diving boards. While it is a sport, it has also been known to be an artistic activity, and a pastime people would take part in, in a non-competitive manner. Sport […]

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Now it might not look that great for you, but there is no questioning the health benefits of eating ginger. The stumpy looking food has been used for health reasons has been used for over five thousand years, as is a favourite medicine as well as a culinary herb and garnish. In case you were […]

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